Found Guilt.

by Bear Your Cross

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Debut full length album "Found Guilt." by Bear Your Cross


released March 20, 2017

Vocals/lyrics: Mike Houck
Guitar: Dan Cheyney
Bass: Philip Lanz
Drums: Jeremiah Wrucke

Guest vocals on track 9 by Joshua Simmons of Spirit & the Bride
Additional vocals by Jordan Sloan

Mixed & mastered at Brute Force Audio



all rights reserved


Bear Your Cross Mount Vernon, Ohio

4 piece Christian metalcore band from Mount Vernon. Out to spread a message of hope through trials and suffering

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Track Name: Pseudomorph
Amidst the mists and fiercest frosts
With fractured wrists and stoutest boats
I thrust my fist into the post
and still insist I see the ghosts

I see the ghosts
Track Name: Nailbiter
Day by day, I find myself asking why life’s so tough
Just doesn’t seem to give up
Long nights of lost sleep drawing close
Looking back to why I didn’t end it then

I bite my nails to the bone just to find a source of comfort
I look away from the ones who left me and I’m chasing after you

I wanted to drown in pills and pull the trigger
I realized I’m not so small, there’s something bigger

Faith, don't fail me now
Track Name: Convenience
You’re trying to say that it’s all my fault
I’m the one to blame, for this falling out
All you care about, is what you can gain
Pushing away the ones, who care the most

With a noose to my neck, look me in the eye
You won’t listen until it’s almost too late
Your actions speak but your words are hollow
Stop being so fake, be more selfless

Your care for yourself sickens me
Do you even realize how many you’ve hurt
I know you can’t be genuine
So why bother dragging others down with you

Still angry, still tired
Day in and day out
And at the end of the day
Who can you trust?

With a noose to my neck, look me in the eye
You won’t listen until it’s almost too late
Your actions speak but your words are hollow
Stop being so fake, be more selfless
Track Name: Nomad
I have no words, it’s simply all a void
Tracing back to the source of it all
And when I look back to the choice I made
How could it have gone any other way

I don’t know where my journey ends
Or what I’m supposed to do
In my heart I seek your guidance
Waiting for the day that I come home

Do you know why, the reason that we search
For an end that cant satisfy
Will I ever learn to just give up my life
To the one my heart calls home

You know how to fix this
Go ahead and take your best shot
Track Name: Deathwalk
This earth is just a wasteland; twisted and cruel
Which man has become to be by hiding from the light
The shadows have taken foothold, death walks the land
And through the heart of humanity we suffocate in pain

You poor soul (where have you gone?)
You poor fool (what have you done?)

We will not stand alone in this fight
Celestial masses, calamities cry

With or without you I will die alone
Stand up and defend your life, your world
Track Name: Stardust
Track Name: Empty Vessel
From you, all I saw was apathy
Dejected, confused, I don't know what to do
Looking back, you made things easy
But what am I supposed to feel, besides anxiety

Even though I did nothing wrong, I still feel uneasy
The past keeps pushing you down, now I know what it's like to drown
Track Name: Petty Theft
I wasn’t perfect then, I’m not perfect now
You think you know me, what you think is best
You’re just out for blood, to have the last word
With a closed off mind, just a poor soul

I will move on, if you won’t
Just know that I won’t hold a grudge

Petty differences in a pile
I don’t even bother trying
Why cant I feel valued?
I just cant be heard

Will you find your solace?
Will you find his grace?

Find and crush your guilt.
Track Name: Installations (feat. Joshua Simmons of Spirit and the Bride)
What do you do when the world is against you
The weight of the world pushes down on you

Fight back and stand your ground, you've come too far to turn back now
Take back what's rightfully yours, this is your inheritance

You've got to find your reason to live
Not in corruption but redemption
And when you find the light at the end of the tunnel
Will you despise the person you were

Oh God my father, where do I go from here
What is this purpose you have for me

Just like the blind man healed, I can see again
A power and a love of galactic proportions

The fights keep coming, but the battle is won
Roll with the punches, I'm not done yet
The demons in me, cannot take my life
They have no power against my father

Victory is mine, for I proclaim it
Track Name: Sideswipe
My mind, such a trap
No way out, no way out
The one I seek to end
Is the monster in the mirror

I never cared, never bothered
An eternal void
Bringing unanswered questions
Of delusions and reality

Oh God what is this world you’ve given me?
Clawing at the reasons that you gave me life
I’ll never see the face of my life giver
And thief of my sanity

I thought I’d never be enough to know her love
Just the haunting memory of her voice

Will my dawn ever come back, or will I be left in the wreckage
where you left me, you abandoned me
Track Name: Kiss of Judas
You traitor, you sold us out

You’d have better luck, chewing broken glass
Than anyone believing a single word you say
Your sense of loyalty is distorted
While your brethren are crying out

You backstabber, you manipulator

You traitor, you sold us out with the Kiss of Judas

I thought you were my friend